Jessie Should Become Important To Rick On 'TWD'

by Lindsey Kupfer

There's a whole new group of characters at The Walking Dead 's Alexandria Safe-Zone and some of them will be very important in the future — especially Jessie Anderson, the woman Rick met in last week's episode. If the show follows the comics, Jessie and Rick will have a romantic relationship (yay!). While we don’t know too much about how the story will play out on TV, actress Alexandra Breckenridge did tell The Daily Beast that Jessie is attracted to Rick. Who could really blame her though?

I had almost forgotten what Rick's face looks like under his beard ever since his facial hair went out of control, but last episode there was shaving and showers, and I remembered that Rick Grimes is actually super hot. Apparently, I was not the only one who thought so. When Jessie went to Rick's house and gave him a haircut, you could almost instantly tell that something was happening between them. There’s only one problem, and we actually met him in the last episode: Jessie's husband Pete. You probably assumed from his one-liner about Jessie being his wife that he’s a terrible human being, and you wouldn't be far off.

So what you should expect to see from Jessie, Pete, and Rick if The Walking Dead follows the comics? Here's everything you should know, and of course, spoilers from The Walking Dead comics below.

Jessie & Pete’s Marriage

If you haven’t figured it out already, Pete is awful. He's actually abusive to Jessie and their son in the comics, and his introduction on the show made it seem like that plotline will carry over to TV. In the comics, Jessie eventually leaves Pete, and shortly after, Rick kills Pete when he has a violent outburst and kills another character.

Jessie & Rick

I hope Rick and Jessie hook up on the show, because he definitely deserves some love. In the comics, after Rick kills Pete, he basically comforts Jessie and they start a romantic relationship. I am so excited! It’s about time more relationships begin on The Walking Dead, because Glenn and Maggie are like an old married couple at this point, and we need some heat.

Jessie’s Death

Seriously, I warned you about spoilers! Unfortunately, Jessie doesn’t survive in the comics. There’s a zombie attack on Alexandria and she becomes surrounded. Jessie tries to grab on to Carl as she's being bit and won’t let go, so Rick chops her hand off to free Carl. It's a brutal death made all the more heartbreaking by her romance with Rick, and if this part of Jessie's story is brought to TV, there are some waterworks ahead.

Have I mentioned that Alexandria Safe-Zone gets crazy? Brace yourself.

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