Father Of Chris Brown's Baby Speaks Out Against The Rapper In Alleged Instagram Post That Adds To The Drama — REPORT

When a rumor as big as the one about Chris Brown being the father of a 9 month old baby hits the Internet, it's only a matter of time before equally sensational rumors begin to fly. Such was the case on Tuesday night, when the world was punched in this face with this incredible, though still unconfirmed, news. While we're all still trying to adjust to our new perception of Brown as a father, it appears someone claiming to be Brown's baby's father is speaking out about how distressing it is to find out he is not the real father of the baby he thought was his. So, basically, overnight, we stepped into an episode of Jerry Springer.

Everything I'm about to say is as unconfirmed and transient as the original news of Brown's fatherhood, but it's still pretty interesting. According to a blog called Baller Alert, Nia, the model who is the mother of the child, had been raising the baby with another man prior to telling her friends that Brown was the real father. The blog claims that this yet-nameless man had been running an Instagram page for himself and his child, posting all kinds of pictures of the two of them doing everything from taking naps together to heading to doctor's visits. The Instagram page, royalty_yaye_bah, does not currently exist, but, according to Twitter users, it was only recently deleted.

The same blog reports that royalty_yaye_bah's last Instagram post was a photo of the TMZ article that broke the story, along with this truly tragic message:

The Saddest Day Of My Life This lil girl meant the world To Me I been There Through Everything I was told This Was My child How Can This Be happening A Man Just Steps in and Take Over What I Built What I lived for I Dedicated My Whole Life To This Family Now Everything Is Gone.. @tmztv @balleralert Y Did This happen To me Now I lost My Lil Girl For Good

Of course, I'm naturally skeptical of such a message, especially when it was written not just to TMZ but also to the Baller Alert blog that reported it. This seems like a private matter that the man in question wouldn't want to share with the world. And, even if he did at least want to share it with his Instagram followers as an explanation for why no further photos were forthcoming, why would he tag it to two media outlets as well? The situation feels a little fishy when you consider that he might have been trying to ensure the media was aware of his pain. Then again, this entire situation is just bizarre, and it only seems like it will get more bizarre as rumors continue to fly. At the end of the day, all we can do is hope that the right thing is done for that little girl.