Kristen Stewart Explains What She Finds Attractive & Of Course, Her Answer Is Thoughtful & Classy

Everybody, sit down and listen, because Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is giving us a lesson about love, and it's one we should all take note of. In Issue 6 of CR Fashion Book, which comes out on March 5, Stewart talks about what she's most attracted to when it comes to finding a partner. Unlike some people, it's not all about appearance, power, or money. For her, Stewart finds drive super attractive. She said, "For me, the most attractive thing in a person is drive — genuine, impulse expressed for the sake of it, not for perception. I think that’s hot."

Excuse me while I go add this to the long list of reasons why Kristen Stewart's fans admire her. It's always refreshing to hear someone, especially a major actress, see past physical characteristics and really take note of someone for their hard work, intelligence, genuine nature, and inner beauty.

Stewart also revealed that she has a gut feeling when it comes to people and deciding if she likes someone or not. She also isn't afraid to get hurt. She explained, "It’s not hard for me to figure out who I like or who my friends are. I trust my energy meter, but I’m also not afraid to let me people in who might hurt me."

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This isn't the first time K. Stew's talked love and relationships, which makes sense, especially because most people wanted to dissect her every move with Robert Pattinson. For example, during a chat with Harper's Bazaar and R. Patz, Stewart said, "I think romance is anything honest. As long as it's honest, it's so disarming."

As for what makes a great relationship? For Stewart, it's this: "Good relationship advice for me tends to be being honest and knowing yourself. Don't be an asshole. Don't be mean. Don't take s--t. Don't settle."

So, if you ever need relationship advice, apparently, Stewart is your go-to.

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