Life Lessons Learned From 'Lizzie McGuire'

by Kelsie Gibson

When it comes to Disney Channel, nothing tops the classic days of shows like Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven. Why? Because these shows were so much more than the bubblegum pop image of a picture perfect lifestyle that we know today. These shows were not based around a middle school pop star or a high school wizard (even though these shows were great in their own right). These shows were about normal young teenagers, dealing with the daily struggles of crushes that were way out of their league, bratty popular girls, the peer pressure to fit in, and ultimately finding your life purpose — Lizzie McGuire , specifically, taught us all many life lessons.

We adored these shows not only because they were super relatable, but we adored these shows because we saw a glimpse of ourselves in the characters. They were insecure, clumsy, but still totally cool in their own way. Seriously, I do not know one girl growing up who did not mock Lizzie or Raven’s style at least once during grade school. Like a big sister, we looked up to them and the actors that portrayed them.

These shows hold a little piece of our tween years because it gave us good advice that many of us probably still carry today. Here's the best life lessons we learned from Lizzie McGuire.

Have a Healthy Body Image

Don't give into the media saying you need to be thinner. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Best Friends Are Forever

Never turn your back on the people who care for you the most. If you're lucky enough to find at least one true friend, don't let that go for some petty fight.

Be Yourself

Quit trying to be something you're not and own who you are. If people don't like that, then too bad.

You Are More Than Your Accomplishments

Your resume doesn't define you, no matter what potential employers might say. Your worth is so much more than a piece of paper.

You Can't Always Help Who You Fall For

Love happens, but you should know when to let go. Don't burden yourself with a relationship that's not worth your time.

Own Your Single Status

A relationship isn't everything. Have fun and worry less.

Sometimes Parents Do Know Best

Yeah, that's right. As much as you try to deny it, your parents have been in your shoes before. Take their advice every once and awhile. They might surprise you.

Images: Disney, Giphy