5 DIY Beauty Masks That Can Fight Premature Aging

There's no point in avoiding all the things that age your skin, because avoiding everything that leads to premature aging means avoiding all things fun. At least, that's my opinion. But hey, that's what anti-aging face masks are for. Sure, there are things I did in my early twenties that I certainly can't get away with now. I once could drink a bottle of wine and eat an entire cheese plate without water and wake up feeling and looking like a million bucks. Now, two glasses of wine and a little parmesan on my pasta give me a puffy face, a headache, and a serious case of the Mondays, regardless of what day it is. However, a weekly anti-aging mask can satisfy your skin's cravings while you continue to satisfy your stomach's cravings... in moderation, of course.

It's just not our guilty pleasures that get in the way of youthful skin. Unless you live under your bed and have raw food brought to you by a chef in a haz-mat suit, you are definitely exposed to natural pollutants, UV rays, and air pollution. According to Women's Health , once contact is made, free radicals spread fast, causing damage to the skin. Eating and applying antioxidants topically can stop free radicals in an enormous, healthy way so you don't have to worry as much about the natural pollutants of the world.

Speaking of antioxidants, vitamin C is another important ingredient for anti-aging skincare. Pricy face serums to combat aging and eye puffiness often are packed with vitamin C because it has the ability to support collagen production. According to sources at Livestrong, vitamin C can restore damaged tissue with scar tissue, which essentially helps the healing process for acne scars, sun damage, and other skin conditions. Since overloading on vitamin C supplements can be dangerous, it makes sense to use a natural face mask with a healthy dose of vitamin C that can support your aging needs. According to sources at the Huffington Post, a great addition to a vitamin C packed mask is vitamin E oil because together they act as a natural defense against the sun. Research on the healing effects of vitamin E oil has found that the thick oil isn't just good for healing damaged skin, it can also be used to prevent wrinkles.

Luckily, the list of ingredients high in antioxidants that protect and treat premature aging is almost as long as the list of all the things that get you there in the first place. If you are assuming any over-the-counter or DIY anti-aging mask can turn back the clock completely, you may need to lower your expectations — we're not there quite yet. However, these DIY face masks can definitely alleviate wrinkles and protect you from future damage over time while giving you healthy ingredients that your body can absorb.

1. Avocado Dreamin' Anti-Aging Face Mask

This face mask, that I've cleverly named, comes from the Daily Sun and it's got essential fatty acids, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory properties — all the good stuff! I love this anti-aging face mask because it only consists of three ingredients and it's super easy to make. Just mash two tablespoons of a ripe avocado and two tablespoons of avocado oil together, then add two to three drops of vitamin E oil. Apply on a makeup free face and let sit for about 10 minutes. Make sure you rinse well with warm water.

2. Breakfast Time Anti-Aging Face Mask

An egg, honey, and banana mask is one of the simplest anti-aging masks you can make at home. You probably already have all these ingredients are in your kitchen anyway. The banana has so many benefits that you could practically make a mask out of just that, but honey is highly moisturizing, pH balancing, and I've found it amazing for treating scars. Eggs contain collagen, elastin, and melanin; the combination of A, D, and E in a single egg has been shown to slow signs of aging. Combine two teaspoons of honey, half of a banana, and egg whites from one egg in a blender. Try to be conscious about not making too much of this recipe as it's highly perishable.

3. When Your Skin Is Under the Weather Anti-Aging Face Mask

Yes, the same ingredients that help you get better when you have a cold are also going to help your skin get better soon too. Just brew half a cup of jasmine green tea (with two teabags), add one tablespoon of raw honey, and four to six drops of sweet orange essential oil. Mix your mask up well and apply directly on your skin and neck, focusing on any problem areas.

4. Cure Me Basil Anti-Aging Face Mask

This anti-aging mask is a take on Beauty Banter's basil face wash, which I've grown super fond of. It's incredibly easy AND cheap to make. Basil has antibacterial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties and I've found the nutrients in coconut milk to be particularly hydrating. The oils in basil are easily released so mashing and blending isn't necessary to release those nutrients, so its the perfect herb for DIY beauty. Rip up the whole basil leaves, rub the leaves in a bowl, and add two teaspoons of coconut milk, stirring vigorously. You can add less coconut milk if you prefer a thicker paste. Leave your mask on for at least five minutes and rinse with warm water.

5. Ancient Beauty Anti-Aging Face Mask by Aura Cacia

This mask by Aura Cacia gives skin a deep cleanse. It can limit free radical activity and bacteria without stripping skin of the natural oils. It's definitely a good anti-aging mask, but it's great for just a nice, calming weekly mask anyone can use as well. You'll need the following:

Mix your ingredients together until you have a smooth consistency and add more clay for a thicker consistency, more tea for a wet consistency. Leave your mask on for about 15 minutes and rinse well.

Image: Georgia National Guard, SuperFantastic, Sam Ley, Penjelly/Flickr; Giphy; Kristin Collins Jackson