"Uptown Funk" Cover By 'Family Guy' Characters Isn't The First Time YouTuber Mikey Bolts Has Done An Epic Parody — VIDEOS

I think enough time has been placed between ourselves and the last Frozen parody video for parody videos to come back in style. Hell, do they ever go out of style? The answer to that question is no, because parody videos are the lifeblood of YouTube sensation Mikey Bolts. Take a quick stroll through his YouTube channel and you'll find all sorts of parodies, but none are more exciting, or more quickly go viral, than when he covers popular songs in cartoon voices. Have you ever wanted to hear Peter Griffin sing "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars? Well, now's your chance to make that strangely specific dream come true — because Bolts' latest video features exactly that.

Of course, Peter Griffin isn't the only Family Guy character that makes an appearance on the track. We've also got Stewie Griffin, Joe Swanson, Herbert the Pervert, Glenn Quagmire — and Hank Hill from King of the Hill thrown in alongside some American Dad favorites. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen an episode of the popular FOX show that Stewie is the best performer on the track, but what might be surprising is exactly how well Bolts does his impression of these characters. It's not completely perfect, of course, because he's not Seth McFarlane, but you'd be shocked at how often you could close your eyes and swear you're watching an episode.

Mikey Bolts on YouTube

But this latest video is far from the first time that Bolts has ever blown our mind with an amazing parody that combines a hit song with the characters from Family Guy, King of the Hill, American Dad, and even South Park. In fact, here are seven of his best parody videos to give you an idea of why you keep seeing his name go viral.

1. "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?"

Mikey Bolts on YouTube

All right, so this song was a lot cuter when Anna sang it in Frozen. However, Stewie Griffin makes a great stab at the cute factor in this Mikey Bolts cover — at least until he's interrupted by Peter. ("Hang in there, Joe!")

2. "All About That Bass"

Mikey Bolts on YouTube

I'm going to warn you from now. This is just an entirely original song set to the tune of "All About That Bass." Even better, it features Stewie Griffin giving Bobby Hill advice on how to get to second base. And Hank Hill in the background telling us, "It's all about propane — no charcoal!"

3. "Problem"

Mikey Bolts on YouTube

I can't honestly say I disagree with Mr. Mackey on this one. South Park would definitely have one less problem without Eric Cartman. Actually, South Park would have about five thousand less problems without Cartman. (And it's nice that Stewie still loves Lois even though he also really hates Lois. Aww.)

4. "#Selfie"

Mikey Bolts on YouTube

I'm still finding it hard to believe that "#Selfie" is an actual song, but I can't tell you how much more I love it when Stewie Griffin is the one singing it. Listening to him badger Brian to let him take a selfie with his phone over a club beat is literally the funniest thing you'll hear all day. This song should probably be called "#SexyParty," actually.

5. "Timber"

Mikey Bolts on YouTube

Prepare to never hear "Timber" the same way again after Peter sings it with back up from Stewie. I mean, Kesha and Pitbull did an admirable job on the original song, but I just feel like this was always meant to be sung by Peter and Stewie. Did I mention Stewie is the Pitbull on this track? That is all.

6. "The Monster"

Mikey Bolts on YouTube

Yes, Bolts has even thrown Eminem and Rihanna into this mix. And he certainly plays to his strengths, because Stewie Griffin sings most of the song. Of course, he has lots of help from other members of the Family Guy cast, but this is the most Stewie-heavy song, and it's so much better for it.

7. "Royals"

Mikey Bolts on YouTube

Guys. Guys. You might need an oxygen tank to listen to this song, because there's no way you can get through the entire song without cracking up too much to breathe on your own. I was cracking up about ten seconds in, and it only got worse as the song continued. The fact of the matter is, Bolts does what he does very well. I can't wait to see what he decides to parody after "Uptown Funk."

Image: YouTube