You've Never Heard 'Frozen' Quite Like This

If you're still sledding down the snow banks of the Frozen craze, then this is just the news for you. If you're over the Frozen fanaticism, this is still the news for you. And if you occupy the rare middle ground of people who don't quite get how Frozen joined the fastest selling DVDs and blu-rays of all time on its first day out or became the longest-running number one soundtrack since Adele's 21, but still think it's a good enough movie to learn all the words to a few of the songs, then, again, this is the news for you. The parade of "Let It Go" covers may be reaching their threshold on good and toeing the line toward annoying, but another song from the movie is adding a hilarious cover to its list of them — the Family Guy version of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?".

What does Family Guy have to do with Frozen? Considering their target demographics and general content, those seem like two things that should never have anything to do with one another at all. Family Guy is pretty much the mugger who would shoot Frozen's parents in the alleyway behind the movie theater and then make a sick joke about it several times later. If Frozen has reached Family Guy, then the apocalypse of the Frozen phenomenon must be nigh seeing as Family Guy's last riff on the Disney universe ended in a joke about anti-Semitism.

Relax: Seth MacFarlane had nothing to do with this. Instead, it was a Family Guy impersonator named Mikey Bolts, who sang the song with (most of) its original lyrics intact using the voices of Stewie Griffin, Peter Griffin, and Herbert the Pervert. It was both hilarious and touching at different points, especially with the addition of the characters' faces cycling through different expressions on the side to go with the song as Bolts transitioned between their voices.

It's far from the spirit of the movie, but it's still worth checking out. Watch it below before "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" starts going through cover fatigue, too.

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