Who's Who In The Warblers On 'Glee'? Tragedy Strikes Dalton Academy This Week So They're About To Be In The Spotlight

With only four episodes left in the final season of Fox's Glee , things are heating up as the New Directions head to Sectionals. But before we get to the big competition next week, this Friday's episode ("The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester") focuses on the preparations... and things don't look to be going too well for the guys in the Dalton Warblers. Despite being in the very capable hands of Coach Blaine Anderson, Dalton Academy's a cappella group came in dead last at Invitationals for "just not doing a very good job at all," according to judge Sue Sylvester's opinion. And now, mere days before Sectionals, something far more tragic is about to occur. (Spoilers ahead, obviously!)

According to the press release for this week's episode, "Dalton Academy burns to the ground." To be fair, this shocking turn of events was teased in the promo that aired after last week's episode... but it's what comes next for the Warblers that's the real surprise. The plot summary goes on: "The Warblers must combine with the New Directions to form a super group."

So that's how Rachel and Kurt are going to get around the fact that the New Directions only has eight members (four fewer than are required to participate in a competition). This decision makes sense — not only will the New Directions be facing one less competitor at Sectionals, but Blaine won't have to face off against his brand new husband. And this week's song list reveals that the Warblers and ND will celebrate their union by singing a song together: a song called "Rise," written by Glee 's own Darren Criss.

After several weeks focused on the alumni, last Friday's episode finally shone the spotlight on the newest members of New Direction as they performed at a bar mitzvah. Now, with this week focused on the suddenly-homeless Warblers, it's time to swivel the spotlight in their direction. Who are the Warblers this year? Here are the three Dalton students you should know:

Head Warbler

Portrayed by: Myko Olivier

The charming lead singer of the group is a veritable Blaine-clone. With his shellacked hair, smooth vocals, and take-charge demeanor, it's easy to see why Coach Anderson chose him as Head Warbler... although he does have some amends to make after refusing to let Jane join the all-male group back in the season premiere. And now they're in the same show choir. That's called karma, folks!

Super Gay Warbler

Portrayed by: Mason Trueblood

Yes, that's really the name this guy is credited with. When the Warblers expressed concern about Jane because of the distraction she would cause, Blaine was nonplussed. "But aren't most of you guys gay?" he asked them. Super Gay Warbler was offended. "I have a girlfriend," he insisted, practically clutching his pearls.

Other Really Gay Warbler

Portrayed by: Austin Brue

And yes, that's really his name, too. I guess they're a pair. Sue certainly thinks so, inviting them to "sleep inside one another" during the three-day-long Invitationals competition. Will the loss of their beloved school spur Super Gay Warbler and Other Really Gay Warbler to finally confess their feelings for each other? I certainly hope the Glee writers plan on wrapping up this dangling plot thread before their show reaches its conclusion in three weeks. The sexual tension is unbearable!

Now get ready to witness "The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester" by watching this sneak peek that highlights Darren Criss's original song, "Rise":

Images: Jennifer Clasen, Tyler Golden/FOX; powerbuttonblaine, galllabitch (2)/tumblr