On 'Catfish,' Courtney & Isaak Head Down A Scary Path, But Luckily Isaak Just Needed A Lesson In Boundaries

This week's episode of Catfish started out a little bit different from the rest — and by the start, I mean as far back as the original e-mail to MTV casting. In the episode "Courtney & Isaak," Courtney's our victim and Isaak's our mystery man, but when MTV contacted Courtney, they discovered she wasn't the one who asked for their help. As it turns out, Isaak applied to be on Catfish in Courtney's name, so now it's time to get down to business. Who exactly is this dude? Even though their meeting was a kind of uneventful, the story of Courtney & Isaak could've had a way more horrifying ending.

At first, it seemed like he was purely a creepy guy who offered free foot massages to women to feed his foot fetish — even though he claimed he was asexual. But when Nev, Courtney, and guest host (and Miss Teen USA 2013) Cassidy Wolf dug a little deeper and talked to people who know Isaak in person, they found out he was even more sketchy than they originally thought. They called up Isaak as per routine and found out he submitted the application as yet another way to force Courtney into meeting him in person... and I guess it worked, because off they went.

Isaak met them at the usual Catfish meet up spot — a local park — and he was the guy from the second set of pictures. And unsurprisingly, he seemed to see nothing wrong with the fact that he forced someone into meeting him who didn't want to, because he thought she was beautiful. Um, Isaak, that's not the way it works. But although he's definitely a bit creepy, he seemed harmless enough that Courtney probably isn't in any impending danger — and she managed to get in a solid last word filling him in that no, you cannot get people to like you by trying to force their hand. And to her credit, she was way more understanding than most people would've been in that situation.

In Isaak's final scene, Nev and Cassidy tried to gather a little more insight into what made him do what he did, but... nope. Just a completely socially unaware dude who keeps a massage table in the back of his car and wanted to be on TV. Being that Isaak could've had way more sinister (and maybe even violent) intentions, I think it's safe to say Courtney is sighing with relief right now. She's very lucky the situation didn't escalate any further than it did, and she seems to have ended her online dating career for good.

And frankly, the creepiest thing about Isaak? The way he kept asking for Max and trying to find out whether or not he'd be on the reunion show at the end of the season. Really, Isaak?

Image: MTV