Deacon Tells Rayna About His Cancer On 'Nashville,' So Does This Mean Maddie Will Finally Be Tested For A Match?

It's been a long time coming, but Deacon finally told Rayna the truth about his cancer on Nashville. For several months now he has been in treatment for liver cancer that will possibly kill him within the year if he doesn't get a transplant, and has been so quiet about it that the only people on the show who know he has been sick are his sister and Scarlett, who is about to burst from not having anybody to talk to about it. Up until now it's been genuinely surprising that he has kept it from Rayna, the woman he has called the love of his life, for so long, especially since she has reached out to him several times since calling off her engagement to Luke Wheeler.

As much of a relief as it is to see her finally learning the truth, it didn't make it any less heartbreaking to watch. I'm sure some people would give Rayna flack for hitting him, but it is a true testament to how much their relationship has endured and how they stick by each other that she immediately followed it with an embrace. Right now he needs all the support he can get, so hopefully now that Rayna knows she will be able to help him pull through this.

Of course, this brings up the even bigger question on everyone's minds: How much longer is the show going to wait to test their daughter Maddie to see if she's a match? I can't believe that they would let Deacon die, so I have to think that she's the match that they've been waiting for. I'm sure drama will ensue because it will setback her plans for a musical career, and as willing as she would be, I doubt Deacon would let her consider it in the first place. Here's hoping that they manage to come to a reasonable solution to it soon before we all completely bite our nails off over the state of Deacon's liver.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC