8 Scenarios That Introverts Find Horrifying, Even Though They Might Not Seem Like A Big Deal To Anyone Else

Being an introvert is as much of a badge of honor as it is a curse. Sure, it's fun to be seen as cranky and old-fashioned because "those kids and their loud music" totally ruin our moods. But the world doesn't quite accept us -- not yet, anyway. Classrooms and companies are typically structured to reward the behaviors of extroverts, while introverts are often underestimated or dismissed as just being "shy." But being shy and being an introvert is not the same thing. A shy person doesn't like talking to people, whereas introverts enjoy a very specific kind of interaction in a particular setting.

Introverts are usually brilliant, thoughtful, and deeply emotional creatures who are programmed to express each of these traits in ways that make them feel comfortable. Basically, if an introvert lets you into their private world, you're in for a treat. Lots of impressive creative beings are introverts, because they live and thrive within their own imaginations, so much so that once they unleash their vision on the world, there's really nothing that can stop them. Introverts know what they like, and more importantly, they know what they hate. Here are eight everyday situations that all introverts absolutely despise.

1. Small talk with coworkers

It's just a waste of energy and words. Introverts don't really care how your weekend was, unless you did something that really excited you and made you happy. But if it's just the usual, you took it easy, and ... "Hey, how about this weather?" just save your breath. Introverts know how the weather has been, but do not feel compelled to comment on it.

2. Randomly being called on during class or meetings

They like to be prepared. They do not thrive in spontaneous situations in which all eyes land on them. They can write a full report later that will be better than any answer provided in a meeting, but on the spot? No thanks.

3. Attending any event with a crowd

They are unable to feed off of the energy of a crowd. In fact, introverts tend to feel more isolated in huge groups of people than when they are actually alone. Concerts, festivals, and huge parties will always be a hard pass.

4. When people ask them why they seem "distracted"

Introverts know exactly what's going on. They just like to be inside of their imagination. That's where their best ideas are born. That's where they solve problems. It's not that they aren't paying attention. They just do it differently.

5. Receiving an invitation to a networking event

Ugh. Schmoozing a bunch of randos is the least appealing activity ever for introverts. They realize it could help further their careers, but they'd rather land their dream jobs based on their hard work and ideas, rather than superficial connections made over wine and cheese.

6. When the phone rings

Who calls people these days other than your parents? When an introvert's phone rings, their insides are immediately filled with swirls of panic.

7. Encountering overly chatty strangers while running errands

While it's nice to be friendly with others, introverts don't see the value in this kind of interaction. They would be happy to sit down and have a deep one-on-one discussion with a person they trust, but if the conversation isn't even going to lead to an exchange of names, then what's the point?

8. A day without downtime

Socializing can suck the energy right out of an introvert's soul. Even a day spent engaging with people they know really well can be draining. When these days occur, they will need at least an hour of time to themselves to decompress. One full hour. Absolutely nothing less.

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