Shondaland’s ‘The Crash’ Casts Damon Dayoub As A Sexy Leading Man With A Secret

Move over, McDreamy and Fitz — there's a new hot Shondaland man in town, and your new crush is The Crash star Damon Dayoub. Like with most of the cast of How to Get Away With Murder, Dayoub is a newcomer who will likely skyrocket to fame when Shonda Rhimes' new ABC drama premieres. The show — which is an adaptation of Kate Atkinson's novel — centers around Alice ( The Killing 's Mirelle Enos), a fraud investigator who ends up being conned by her fiancé, Kieran (Dayoub). However, she is living in a web of lies, which collides for a "game of cat and mouse" once his con comes to fruition.

Kieran's con started with a fake identity and email, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, he steals a lot of money from Alice before taking off to be with his real wife, Zoe. His personality is "cunning and deceitful" and he "essentially only cares about himself" — sounds like he'll fit right into Shondaland. Ironically, Dayoub is playing a detective on ABC Family's first-ever procedural drama, Stitchers, which will premiere later this year. Those dual roles will definitely give him a well-rounded look at his new character, as well as a lot more fans. As of Thursday morning, he only has 44 Twitter followers and a private Instagram account. That won't last long now that he's livin' large in Shondaland. Check out a photo of him below — he's on the right and his stunt double is on the left.