After 'Catfish,' Courtney & Isaak Seem To Be Taking A Break From The Internet

On Wednesday's new episode of Catfish we entered into the world of foot fetishists and stalkers-in-the making. Catfish introduced us to Courtney, a woman who had met Isaak online and reached out to the Catfish team to finally meet the man she had been talking to in person — or so we thought. It turns out, Courtney wasn't behind the email to Catfish casting. Instead, it was Isaak who sent in an application, pretending to be Courtney. Just stopping there, I think we can all tell this is going to get weird, right? Because this is Catfish, we all know the two aren't going to embark on a whirlwind romance or anything, but that doesn't stop fans from being curious about what happened to both Courtney and Isaak.

In case you weren't a little spooked by Isaak's actions already, he was showing major red flags from the moment he met Nev Schulman and guest host Cassidy Wolf at a park. Their entire conversation with Isaak was uncomfortable. He didn't understand how wrong it was to try and force someone to be in a relationship with him. He also was really into the prospect of meeting Max. Though there were moments where it seemed like this was all to get on television and go to the Catfish reunion show at the end of the season, part of me feels like Isaak is just misunderstood and truly didn't understand why what he was doing is so wrong.

So did he learn a lesson from this experience or is he still living in blissful ignorance? Here's where Isaak and Courtney are now.


When Nev caught up with Courtney three months after filming at the end of the episode, she was still a little put off from online dating. Can you blame the girl? And, from the looks of it, she might even be put off from social media in general, since finding Courtney on Twitter or any other platform has been impossible. I can't really say that's very surprising, because if I had an Isaak in my life, I'd probably go underground, in terms of social media, for at least a year.


Like Courtney, Isaak is pretty MIA on social media from what I can tell (even after searching his full name). I can see why, as most people have been pretty critical of him and his appearance on Catfish and Judge Mathis. The GSUProblems post that Nev found has received many comments about Isaak (before he was on Catfish) and some of them are disturbing. Back in 2013, when the Judge Mathis ordeal went down, a few Facebook users commented on the post saying that Isaak was harrassing them via Facebook as well. Nothing seemed threatening in a violent way, instead, one user said "He has spent the last 12 hours blowing up my facebook with notifications and 'pokes'."

Recently, a few Facebook users have said that Isaak has reached out to them recently (the comments are from 2015) asking for their comments on the Judge Mathis post to be removed. One user said in February of this year, "I've gotten two messages from this kid asking me to remove my comment because he said his employer may see it. He also said he doesn't want to be judged by this and wants people to see the 'real' him."

Hopefully this means that Isaak is looking to redeem his Internet credit, and won't harass anyone else the way he did with Courtney.

Image: MTV