Who Plays The Son Matt Skokie On 'American Crime'? Grant Merritt Could Be ABC's Next Breakout Star

If you thought Thursday nights were going to be somewhat lacking now that How To Get Away With Murder's first season is over and done with, then think again. Because ABC's brand new crime drama American Crime is already looking to be just as gripping and unlike anything you've ever seen on primetime television before. And, as seems to be the case with all great dramas these days, it all starts with a murder. In fact, it's the spark that sets this entire plot aflame as racial and ethical lines are drawn in the wake of war veteran Matt Skokie's death. Granted, the trailer only offers a few brief glances of him in flashback form on the day of his wedding, but it's enough to draw your attention and leave you wondering who plays this American Crime son and murder victim?

His name is Grant Merritt and while there's a good chance you be unfamiliar with him as an actor (his IMDB credits only go as far back as 2013), there's little doubt in my mind that he could very well become the network's next breakout star. First of all, he's starring alongside the likes of iconic Hollywood vets Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton, which automatically helps boost him to star-like status. Then there's the fact that his character is deeply rooted in mystery. It's not just about who killed him. It's also about why, making his storyline equal parts compelling and complex. (Plus, it doesn't hurt that he's rather easy on the eyes…

But before we completely immerse ourselves in this newfound character, here are a few interesting facts I've managed to dig up about Merritt himself.

He Guest Starred on Revolution

Back in Season 2, Merritt took on the albeit brief role of a strapping refugee in "One Riot, One Ranger." Sure, it was far from a starring role, but it served as his very first on-screen credit and proved that primetime networks already had their eye on him even then.

He's Dabbled in Sci-Fi

Merritt has recently completed filming a short sci-fi film called Euphoria, which centers around a computer engineer (Merritt), who uses a virtual reality prototype in order to relive memories of his deceased wife. How sweet/creepy.

He Used To Play Football

Before he began focusing his acting career, Merritt tackled the sports sector as well, playing on the 2009 National Championship football team at Blinn Junior College alongside quarterback Cam Newton. Small world, right?

So just keep doing what you're doing, Merritt. This is your time to shine.

Images: Felicia Graham/ABC; ABC [screen grab]; [screen grab]