Will Emma's 'Beauty And The Beast' Be A Musical?

by Rachel Semigran

It's no secret that we've all been losing our feminist minds since we got the word that Emma Watson will be playing Belle in the upcoming live-action remake of the animated Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Now, with Dan Stevens — aka Downton Abbey's very own Matthew Crawley — officially signed on as the Beast and Luke Evans signed on as Gaston, this movie is going to be the stuff that Tumblr dreams are made of: British actors and Disney princesses. Harry Potter meets Downton Abbey meets Disney. I believe the phrase, "I CAN'T EVEN" is appropriate here? But! Even though we now have our Beauty and our Beast, one major question still remains: Will the live action Beauty And The Beast be a musical?

Well, unfortunately, the answer is still a bit unclear.

E! News reported Stevens casting and in the article claimed that it has not yet been confirmed whether or not the movie will actually be a musical. However, Watson did seem to be under the impression that it would be when she reacted to her casting news back in January. The UN Women Goodwill Ambassador wrote on her Facebook page, "It was such a big part of my growing up, it almost feels surreal that I'll get to dance to "Be Our Guest" and sing "Something There." My six year old self is on the ceiling — heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons. I can't wait for you to see it."

Unfortunately, though, as perfect as Beauty And The Beast would be as a musical, I wouldn't bet all of my chips on it just yet: The live action Cinderella starring Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter which makes its world premiere on March 13, for instance, is not a musical — no "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" here, folks.

However, that said, there have been some hints that the live-action Disney classic could be a musical: There was Watson's comment, for one, not to mention if Disney learned anything from Frozen, it's that returning to the classic musical format is a surefire success.

Plus, how could it not be a musical? Beauty and the Beast has some of Disney's most memorable songs (including my personal favorite, "Tale as Old as Time." Swoon!). Sure, movie musicals are hard to pull off when they're not animated — but when it's done right, it really hits (hello, Chicago).

Need more convincing? Here's why the live action Beauty and the Beast should be a musical:

The Grandeur, oh THE GRANDEUR!

The costumes, the castle, the French, oh my! This film is just so perfectly suited for a musical.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens Dancing


The World Needs "Be Our Guest"

I only dine in places where the baked goods prance around in front of me too, Belle.

Children of the '90's are the Real Target Demo

We all grew up on the sing-a-long VHS versions of the 1991 animated film, so Disney had better deliver.

The Music Really Tells the Story

One of the reasons I loved (and still love) Beauty and the Beast as a kid was that it's really an emotional story (and I am an emotional creature): The way Belle expresses her desires to want more, and the way the Beast shows who he is deep down all originate during those magical Disney musical numbers. Now, a whole new generation should have the same opportunity to be swept up in the characters, the mystery, and the depth of the music.

It's for the Kids, and Kids at Heart

Look, we all know Maleficent was meant to show us the other side of the baddie's tale. Ever After gave us the pseudo-historical look at Cinderella. This Beauty and the Beast might make Belle an even greater feminist hero — and AMEN to that. At its simplest, this remake will bring new life to an animated classic, and the best way to introduce new fans and bring joy to the hearts of those who grew up on it is to bring along the songs, too.

There Just Aren't Enough Songs About Women Who Love to Read

Need I say more?

Of course, nothing is confirmed just yet — so, until we have further confirmation, for now, I'm just going to imagine Hermione and Matthew Crawley twirling in that grand ballroom together while Angela Lansbury watches with great approval and sings her teapot heart out.

Image: Giphy, nightwalkerk; emmaslove;prisonersofl0ve;flyingsauces/Tumblr, Wifflegif