Blake Lively Sends Ryan Reynolds A Poop Emoji Tweet, But What Does It Mean?!

It's the tweet people can't stop talking about. However, if you haven't heard, let me explain. On Wednesday, Blake Lively tweeted Ryan Reynolds a very interesting message for the world to see and now we're all trying to decipher it. Lively's tweet is 100 percent emojis. That's right, no words are used, because, apparently, Reynolds and Lively have a secret language where words aren't needed. As for the tweet, it includes two envelopes with hearts on them and a poop emoji.

As unique and cryptic as her tweet is, what makes it even more interesting is that Lively rarely tweets, so why now? What does this important message mean? Was Reynolds not answering his phone? Was this the only way for her to get a hold of him? Or, is she just being super cute by tweeting him an emoji-filled tweet?

Well, unfortunately, I can't answer any of those questions, but I can come up with a few ideas of what it might mean. It's kind of nice to take a break from guessing Lively and Reynolds' baby name, right? I guess they like to play with peoples' minds and make them go crazy when it comes to their personal lives.

With that said, here are seven possible translations of Lively's tweet.

Their Baby Needs A Diaper Change

I think this is the most obvious. Maybe Reynolds was avoiding diaper duty and Lively had enough. The logical solution would be to take to Twitter and tell him to do it.

She Loves His Crap, Literally

Hey, when you marry someone, you love all of them, right?

Their Baby Is Tweeting Early

Maybe their daughter got a hold of her mom's phone or computer and started pressing buttons? If so, she is super smart and should be congratulated for getting the world in a tizzy.

Lively Wants Chocolate, Stat

There's a good chance Lively mistook the poop emoji for chocolate and is trying to tell her hubby to bring her home some candy. It happens to the best of us.

She's Sitting On The Porcelain Throne

Hey, maybe Lively wanted Reynolds to know that not only does she love him (that's what the envelopes are for), but that she's also using the bathroom at that very moment. Reynolds has a great sense of humor, so maybe he rubbed off on his wife.

They Want To Torture Us

Lively is being all clever, because she now knows that the world is going nuts over what this tweet means. She wants to make us all suffer.

It's An Inside Joke We'll Never Know About

Let's face it, we'll probably never know what the tweet means. It's an inside joke between the married couple, who, as we all know, is super private, so they'll keep it between the two of them — forever.

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