Blake & Ryan's Baby Sure Looks Like A Blanket

Did you hear the exciting news about this beautiful couple? For the very first time, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and their baby were spotted in public! Wait... just kidding. That's just a blanket draped around Lively's body, or it sure looks like it. All jokes aside, Lively and Reynolds' daughter (reportedly named James) is most likely under that brown blanket, because what else would it be? I just find it absolutely amusing how everyone's freaking out about seeing their baby for the first time and you can't see anything. She's underneath a blanket, people!

Now, I know we're all excited to see what their baby girl looks like, especially since I'm sure she's as beautiful as her parents, but everyone needs to calm down. She'll make her grand debut when the couple is ready to put their daughter on display — which, actually, might be never. With that said, I think it's time we have some fun, because there could really be anything under that blanket.

Like I said, I have no doubt that their daughter is swaddled in her mother's arms, but what else could be hiding underneath the blanket? What else could Lively be holding in her arms? Well, these items are a good possibility.

A Hunk Of Cheese

Anyone ever see that I Love Lucy episode, where Lucy plays off a hunk of cheese as her baby? Maybe Lively just loves cheese so much she had to sneak it onto the plane. We all get hungry for cheese on an airplane, right?

Gossip Girl DVDs

Seeing as Lively played Serena on Gossip Girl, maybe she had some DVDs under that blanket for her viewing pleasure during her trip? Why would she be hiding them? Duh. That's easy. As soon as someone spotted the DVDs, then they'd discover Lively's identity. She knows how to play it cool.

Cooking Utensils & Cookbook

Lively can't travel without her cooking utensils! She loves to cook, especially for her family. How can you expect her to leave home without the items that make such delectable dishes?

Ryan's Superhero Outfit

You didn't know he was a real-life superhero, did you? Well, ever since Green Lantern, Reynolds can't get enough of saving people. Obviously, he had to change quickly out of his superhero disguise, which is why Lively's hiding it under that blanket.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3 Script

There's been talk about a third Sisterhood movie, so maybe Lively is stealthily keeping the new movie secret underneath that brown blanket. She's good. She's so good.

A Decoy Baby

You know what Lively's really thinking? "Suck it, paparazzi. You think my baby's underneath this blanket? Think again, because it's really a fake baby." Yep, she handed her baby off to someone else, so pictures wouldn't be taken of her — or, well, her blanket.

These are all totally plausible, right?

Images: Giphy (4); yayanimegifs/Tumblr