5 Reasons Dan Stevens Will Make The Perfect Beast

by Kenya Foy

Who knew that the announcements of the new additions to the Beauty and the Beast cast would create such a frenzy? Actually, the better question would be who didn't expect this flood of emotions? After all, Disney movies have the ability to elicit some rather passionate fan reactions. That said, I'm willing to bet there are a number of people still breathing into a paper bag in an effort to calm down over the news of Dan Stevens joiningBeauty and the Beast as Beast. For many, the former Downton Abbey star was a surprising choice, but at least it keeps things interesting, right?

So, what we know so far is Emma Watson will portray Belle and Luke Evans is the grimy bad guy Gaston, which is some fantastic casting. Now, though, let's get back to this Stevens playing Beast situation. After digging into Stevens' personal and professional background, I have to admit that it wasn't exactly a simple game of 6 degrees of separation to unearth some ties between the actor and his newly acquired Disney role. Since Stevens is an undeniable talent, there's certainly no reason to question his ability to aptly portray the Beast, but here's what I managed to pull together for those who may be wondering exactly what the British actor can contribute to the character.

Here are 5 reasons Stevens will make the perfect Beast:

Stevens' Beast Role Will Redeem the (SPOILER ALERT) Death of Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey

It's been 3 years since Crawley's untimely death, but Downton Abbey fans will never forget. Maybe, just maybe this Beast casting will help give them some closure.

Which means more people will flock to see Beauty and the Beast

You know it's true.

He Was Basically Destined For a Disney Film

I can't take all the credit for this one, but I totally agree with Bustle's Caitlyn Callegari, who called it back in January by accurately declaring that Stevens resembled "a friggin' Disney prince."

Stevens Can Totally Play the Role of the Persistent Guy

After playing the role of Crawley, who worked tirelessly to win Lord Grantham's trust, playing the role of the Beast, who literally begs for Belle's hand in marriage, should be second nature to Stevens.

He's a Sucker For Romance

Everyone knows the Beast did more than put his best foot (or paw) forward when it came to wining and dining Belle, so it helps to know that Stevens and his character share a common interest in romance.

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