Robbie Amell & Italia Ricci Must Be Planning Their Wedding, Because She's Already Stressing Over Dresses — PHOTOS

The time has come. The time to plan a wedding, that is. As most of us know, Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell are getting married. Even though the two say they aren't in any rush to walk down the aisle, that doesn't mean they aren't planning their big day. So what makes me think that they're already taking care of some major wedding details? Well, Ricci is wedding dress shopping. However, she's super stressed about it and all she wants to do is eat.

On Thursday, Ricci shared a couple photos on Instagram of her wedding dress adventures, and, boy, does she look overwhelmed. As you can see in the first image, the actress is surrounded by racks of white dresses, wearing her Uggs, and looks like she wants to run out of the store and grab a drink. Actually, she'd rather have a burger, which is what she reveals in the second photo. Not only is she sitting in a wedding dress with her hands smushing her cheeks together, but she states that she wants a cheeseburger.

Fun fact: the Chasing Life star loves Big Mac's from McDonald's. No joke. On multiple occasions, she's shared her passion for the burger. Plus, in an interview with shuString magazine, this is how Ricci describes herself in five words: “Extra Big Mac Sauce, Please.”

So, yeah, her caption for this picture should come as no surprise.

Even if Amell and Ricci aren't planning on getting married anytime soon, at least we have photos like this to look forward to while they plan. What's next? Pics of the stressed out couple picking out flowers?