Who Does The Kardashian Family's Hair?

by Eliza Florendo

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother saw the photos of Kim Kardashian's new blonde hair. I have to say, though pretty jarring, her colorist killed it. Between Kylie's ever changing lengths, Khloé's new lighter mane, and now, Kim's platinum moment, we have to wonder: who is the Kardashians' resident hair stylist? Also, who does the Kardashian's hair extensions? Whoever they are, one thing's for sure: they getting that paper.

According to Kim's Twitter pic (of her post color and pre-chop), Lorri Goddard was the mastermind behind Kim's fashion-forward new color. Goddard, who's been in the industry for over 25 years, has even written several books about hair coloring, including The Hair Color Mix Book and Global Hair Color Expert. Goddard's work can be seen in the pages of Elle, InStyle, Vogue, and Allure, as well as on the big screen (like Water for Elephants and The Avengers). For the dramatic chop, Kardashian turned to Gregory Russell, who revealed to E! News that the whole process took eight hours. Russell is part of the Andy Lecompte Salon, which is a favorite among celebs and located in West Hollywood.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for Khloé's lighter locks that she unveiled three days ago, she turned to Tracey Cunningham of MéCHE Salon in Beverly Hills. But the award for the most changes in hairstyle goes to their baby sister, Kylie, who in the last two weeks, has posted over four different hairstyles on Instagram, whether they're #tbts or not. Kylie is perhaps best known for the teal tips she's been rocking on her own head. In fact, she's capitalizing on her hair fame — the littlest sister has her own extension line. Of course, she's probably not using them herself. For her own look, Jenner turns to Daniel Moon, another colorist at Andy Lecompte Salon.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, and about those rumored extensions that Kim and Khloe get that everyone has been wondering about? It still remains a mystery. While a spokesperson for Kim denied that she wears extensions according to the Daily Mail, there's been tons of speculation over whether she really does rely on them for her luscious locks. The general consensus? Hell yes. But trying to find out who does the Kardashians' extensions is harder to find than the secret to the holy grail.

The takeaway? It takes a village to keep up with the Kardashians...hairstyles, that is. Glam squad, assemble, and keep giving us more hair envy.