Herman's Surgery Meant Something Major For Calzona

There goes Shona Rhimes tugging on my heartstrings again. On Thursday's Grey's Anatomy episode, Dr. Herman had a (successful) surgery, but even better was that Callie and Arizona are one step closer to reuniting. The intense episode was mainly focused on Dr. Herman's nearly-impossible brain surgery, but it also featured a very welcome Calzona moment.

The pair hasn't interacted much since Callie asked for a divorce and Arizona threw herself into her fetal surgery fellowship. But with Arizona's mentor in the operating room, Callie had her back. As soon as Callie found out Herman was in surgery she went to find Arizona, who was pretty emotional.

So Callie sat with her ex throughout the surgery, holding her hand and comforting her, until they received the good news. Thanks to the talented Amelia Shepard—who didn't need her brother's help after all—the surgery went really well. Until of course, Dr. Herman didn't wake up. The episode didn't clarify exactly how much time had passed, but it was enough that Arizona started to fear the worst: that she would have to call for the plug to be pulled.

Again in a moment of distress Callie was there for her, and knew exactly what she was going through. After all, it wasn't that long ago that Callie experienced a similar thing when she had to make the call to remove Mark Sloan from life support. Arizona sat next to her former wife and cried as she said she wasn't ready to say goodbye to her mentor and friend. "I can't do this by myself," she sobbed.

So divorce-be-damned, Callie stood by her woman. "You are not by yourself," she told Arizona. "You are not alone." Like, excuse me while I cry for a million years over here.

In the end Herman did wake up. Unfortunately she lost her sight to the tumor, but was in surprisingly good spirits. She thanked Arizona for pushing her to get the surgery because it was thanks to her that she was alive at all. So yes, the episode and surgery didn't have a perfect ending, but it went a lot better than I expected. And I'll take it, especially since it held such sweet Callie and Arizona moments.

It just goes to show that when push comes to shove, Calzona is still united no matter what and they totally deserve to be endgame.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC