A Classic Disney Character Could Be 'OUAT's Author

by Rachel Paige

Season 4B may have just started, but Once Upon a Time has already found itself with a lot of ground to cover. The show started setting up for big things during the first half of the season, and now it's time to deliver on all their promises. One of the big things were now waiting for is the grand reveal of the author who wrote Henry's storybook. Operation: Mongoose is in full force, but some fans can't wait for Regina and Henry to get to the bottom of this Once Upon A Time mystery. We need to at least try to figure it out on our own.

But here's the thing about this mysterious writer: we know literally nothing about him or her, except for the fact that they have a big mansion on the outskirts of Storybrooke. They're also clearly a powerful figure, to be in charge of all these important stories and dictate who gets a happy ending. So whoever the author turns out to be, they must have a BIG Disney name. It can't just be a random character from some animated film made in the early '80s, you know?

There's just not a character out there who fits the bill were looking for, unless we go back — waaaaay back, to the beginning of Disney itself. Now hear me out. What if the author is Oswald? That's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for those not well versed in all things Disney.

Like I said, the author has to be someone big — big enough to encompass all of Disney history. While we can hope for the author to be someone like Mickey Mouse, that's probably unlikely (would Mickey be a person or a giant mouse on the show? Too complicated). Same goes for Walt Disney, that'd just be too meta. So who's the next best person? Oswald.

The history of Oswald is long and complicated, but to get to the bottom line, he was a Disney character who was lost in contract negotiations. Then Oswald came back to the company half a decade later in 2006, and is now making a little Disney comeback. And what better way to make a full comeback than to be a character on OUAT?

After wracking my brain for what felt like forever, I can't come up with someone better than Oswald (unless, were really going for Disney history origins, and the author turns out to be someone named "Mortimer"). What makes Oswald such a great fit is that while he's a significant character in the world of Disney, he doesn't have a ton of backstory (there were only about a dozen films made with Oswald before Disney lost him to Universal Pictures).

As weird of a choice as Oswald might be, he's also perfect. A long forgotten Disney character who's in the middle of making a Disney theme parks come back? Yes. Bring him to Storybrooke immediately. Let's be honest, OUAT has done weirder things.

Images: ABC; Giphy