Fashion and Celebrities: Kate Moss, the Olsen Twins, Jessica Simpson, and More Monday Gossip

Wake up, wake up! We've got everything you need to start your day right here, including celebrity style feuds, some vintage photoshoot outtakes, and an amazing/totally made-up quote where someone accuses Jessica Simpson of "flogging flannel." What does that even MEAN? Read on, coffee cup and skepticism firmly in hand:

  • Breaking, breaking, the Olsen twins hate Jessica Simpson ! They think her fashion line is "low rent" and that she "caters to the lowest common denominator just to make a buck." Okay, this so-called feud is clearly just tabloid fodder, but the made-up quotes from the Olsen's "source" are too good to miss, including this gem: "To [the Olsen twins], Jessica is flogging flannel and burlap to banjo pickers." (via Gossip Cop)