Octopus At The Seattle Aquarium Tried To Break Out

Nature is 100 percent incredible in its ability and determination to overcome the constraints mankind has forced onto different parts of it. Like flowers forcing concrete to crack, sprouting through the little breaks its growth creates. In the same vein, an apparent octopus evacuation epidemic has sparked. First we caught wind of their heroic fishing boat escapes. This kind of adventure and dedication might have incited this octopus at a Seattle aquarium to embark on its only brave attempt to free itself of the tank. Actually, I have no idea what fueled this creature's moves toward freedom, but I do know it's simultaneously fascinating and hardcore nightmare material to watch.

Its sizable, pink tentacle slurps up the side of the tank wall and inches over the lip. Please pay close attention to the suction cups beneath the animal's limbs. You can see its strong grip on the glass and guess the drive behind the critter's efforts. The shrieks from onlookers make this whole ordeal very real. Luckily, before it was completely out in the open, an aquarium employee urged the octopus back into its tank home. But honestly, what was the plan after getting out? Slithering over to the ocean? Think your life through, octopus. Get it together.

I cannot wait to follow the conspiracy theories about this new trend in the octopus world. Is it aliens compelling them to flee? Eh, probably they're just tired of humans messing with them.