What's After 'Gotham' For Jada Pinkett Smith?

by Nicole Pomarico

If you're a fan of Gotham, you're probably feeling a little bummed out if you've heard the news — the news being that Jada Pinkett Smith has announced she's not returning to Gotham for Season 2. Yep, even though the show has already been renewed and seems to have enjoyed played Fish Mooney for the past year, she is officially done. Fans are sad and confused, especially since Pinkett Smith doesn't seem to have a better reason for her departure other than the fact that her contract is up and while she had a good time, she always knew she'd just be sticking around for a year. Even though that's totally unfair to fans who get as attached to their favorite TV characters as I do, Pinkett Smith's obviously got better plans in the works. What are they? Unfortunately, Pinkett Smith hasn't mentioned what she's doing post- Gotham.

Pinkett Smith's next movie release is Magic Mike XXL , which is due to hit theaters on July 1, but that seems to be where her foreseeable future as an actress ends. Pinkett Smith, you need to give us details about what your thought process was while making this decision! Certainly she wouldn't give up such a cool gig if she didn't have something up her sleeve. Maybe she just wants a little time off, or maybe there's something secret happening behind the scenes. Either way, it doesn't seem we're meant to know what's up just yet.

But just because Pinkett Smith isn't talking doesn't mean we can't speculate, right? Here are a few productive ways she should spend her newfound free time:

Another, better job — as if

Although I can't imagine what could be more fun than starring in a comic book-themed TV show — especially one that's so beloved — certainly there are more opportunities out there that seem more appealing to her as an actress. Now that she'll be free of a contract, I wouldn't be surprised if an even better project snatched her up, should one exist. Maybe she'll take a break from TV and go back to movies for awhile. The world is her oyster!

Convince Channing Tatum to make more Magic Mike movies

Seriously, what do I have to do to make "half naked Channing Tatum" an actual genre? Think of it as community service, Pinkett Smith.

Hang with her fam

Of course, it's always possible she's just looking for time to chill with her husband and relax, since between working and parenting, Pinkett Smith doesn't exactly strike me as someone who gets a lot of downtime. Maybe she and Will are planning a vacay with Willow and Jaden for a family intervention about Jaden's tweeting habits? There's always hope, y'all. There's always hope.

Help Will Smith put together a Fresh Prince reunion

It's way overdue, and would be an excellent use of her time off. If it can happen for Saved By The Bell, it can happen for any show.

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