Which 'Veep' Trailer Is The Best? Here's Your Definitive Ranking Of Them All, From Seasons 1 To 4 — VIDEOS

Big, big news for fans of good TV: The season 4 trailer for HBO's political comedy Veep just dropped and I couldn't be more excited for the coming of President Selina Meyer. Not only does it mean having a female president on television in the year leading up to there likely being an actual female candidate for the actual American presidency... but it's also means the return of the funniest show on television. Julia-Louis Dreyfus stars as the politician who, along with her band of loyal idiots, fight and claw their way to the top of Washington. Now that she finally is at the top, season 4 takes us into her first term, which will surely be a disaster... and we wouldn't want it any other way.

The world of President Meyer will be vastly different than that of Vice President Selina Meyer. (Well, except for the fact that everyone still hates Jonah.) The lone she-wolf looks like she will be up against Hugh Laurie in the upcoming season. Or will he be her veep? Her love interest? The details of his role have yet to be revealed, but we will soon find out.

In anticipation of the next season, here are all of Veep's trailers ranked:

4th Place: Season 3

Veep's worst trailer is still funnier than most network TV's best.

3rd Place: Season 2

I like the gag, but Veep's writing is so strong, why not highlight it?

2nd Place: Season 1

I absolutely love that it gives the impression of a serious political drama at the start. It tells you everything you need to know about Selina and her staff.

WINNER: Season 4

Now that's how you build anticipation and be hilarious at the same time.