14 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Photos That Prove This Episode Will Be Nothing But Drama

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The time has come for the entire cast of Vanderpump Rules to sit down for the Season 3 reunion, and it is going to be a nightmare! And that is so exciting, because no one likes a tame Vanderpump Rules reunion show. Not even Andy Cohen (especially not Andy Cohen). During this wonderful reunion, Lisa will be reminded that she has hired a group of the most unprofessional servers in the industry, Stassi will say she's better than all of them, and Giggy Vanderpump will be comatose as usual. It really has the makings of an incredible hour.

Bravo has released photos from the reunion, and from the looks of it, things did not go down very smoothly. Duh. There's yelling, shade being thrown, a lot of finger pointing, honestly, every single one of them looks miserable. And their misery is really the audience's delight. Enjoy this timely appetizer, darlings.

Images: Nicole Wilder/Bravo

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