D.C.'s LGBT And Trans Gang Launches Fashion Line

When you think about a gang from Washington, D.C., you probably picture the kinds of details that get thrown at you during the 10 o'clock news. You probably picture bad home lives, drug addictions, jail time, violence, and a whole bunch of beef. But what you probably don't picture is all of that bad stuff, mixed in with a passion for fashion. D.C.'s LGBT and Trans gang, Check It, have just that.

After getting assualted, bullied, and made to feel unsafe, a group of 14 to 22 year olds decided they'd had enough, thus giving birth to Check It, back in 2005. Once banded together with the purpose of protection, the gang grew to more than 200 members, fostering countless relationships that wouldn't have otherwise been.

Told through a Steve Buscemi-produced documentary, The Check It, gives a deeper look into what might be the world's first LGBT 'gang," focusing in on five members. With the help of Ron "Mo" Moten, owner of a nonprofit working to resolve gang violence, the five are producing a fashion line to change their lives. Pieces from the line have already been sold, and there's to more to come.

What's the most striking to me is the camaraderie that brought this gang together, and how far it's reached. Even though I know I'm going to cry (both tears of sadness and joy) when the documentary does come out, I seriously can't wait. Take a peek at the trailer and join in the emotions.

Image: CheckIt/Facebook