Amal Clooney's Gorgeous Red Coat Is Perfect

by Lauren Turner

Every woman has that one thing in her closet that makes her shine. Whether it's a dress, a pair of shoes, or a leather jacket that fits just like it was made for you, it's special. Even on days like today, when it's wet, slushy, and gray, you can put it on and be unstoppable. Pure magic. But if you're anything like me, you get tired of these things pretty quickly. Forcing you to shop, again. This is how I'm feeling right now, but Amal Clooney's red coat gave my some inspiration.

From the buttons to the cut, and especially the color, it's a complete hit. And going with the matching lipstick was the perfect addition; she kept it simple and classy. Clooney looked poised (as usual), giving a nod to the approaching spring with the bright color.

And since whenever I buy a jacket, I always go for dark or black, maybe I should take a note from Clooney: Go red. The thought of getting something so bright honestly scares me. But I know that whether it's a trench, moto jacket, or a long peacoat like Clooney's, going rogue once in a while won't kill me. I'm going to try it – and I think you should to. Check out these five Amal-inspired red jackets to shield you from winter's snow or spring's rain. .

1. ASOS Coat With Back Tab Detail

Although the lines of this jacket are very different from Clooney's, the length is about the same. Pair them with heeled booties to keep the proportions just right. (ASOS Coat With Back Tab Detail, $165.08,

2. DKNY Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Trade your traditional trench for something brighter. The color might help you get through the rainy spring with Clooney-esque composure. (DKNY Double-Breasted Trench, $132.99,

3. Sister Jane Wool Motorbike Jacket

Although the wool makeup might mean this jacket's for winter, I think it's perfect for spring. Because let's be honest — it's not exactly warm in March or April in most parts of the country, but this pop of color and the wool will keep you toasty and in a spring state of mind. (Sister Jane Wool Motorbike Jacket, $80.70,

4. Women Ultra Light Down Vest

This might not be considered a true coat, but it's presence in the upcoming season is about to get real. It's light enough that you can put it underneath a denim jacket, but it's warm enough that you won't be chilly. Seems perfect to me. (Women Ultra Light Down Vest, $49.90,

5. Iman Platinum Forever Leather and LUXE Knit Dream Jacket

To me, out of all of the coats, this one has the most special vibes. I can already see how many outfits, seasons, and occasions this coat will carry me through. Plus, it's called luxe dream. You can't go wrong! (Iman Platinum Forever Leather and LUXE Knit Dream Jacket, $69.95,