You'll Like Carly Rae Jepsen's New Music Video

by Loretta Donelan

Awesome news for music fans Saturday morning: Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You" music video has finally been released after ages of anticipation. As expected, the "I Really Like You" video features Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber, which isn't as weird as it sounds — but, really, it's hard to deny that the question now on everyone's mind is, "Why did Tom Hanks do this?" This has sort of been answered by Jepsen, but it is also pretty thoroughly explained by the video itself. Because it's excellent. And funny. And just an all-around good time.

The video features Hanks as a guy looking for love, mouthing all the lines from Jepsen's infectious new single. "The song is so sweet. I wanted something that would contradict that — a little bit of comedy flare or a left turn," said Jepsen of the track. It's certainly funny, not dark, though this might be more about Tom Hanks' presence than anything else. The fact that it's a middle-aged man, especially such a familiar one, makes it a hilarious subversion. It also borrows from Wes Anderson films, she says, though this isn't hugely obvious — personally, I see more of the "You Make My Dreams" number from (500) Days of Summer in its sendup of the overdramatic musical love moment.

These broader influences aside, there are lots of little moments that make it totally understandable why Hanks would sign on to do this project. Here are some of the best ones.

Tom Hanks' Use Of Emojis

Text noises should be banned for prompting false excitement. However, Tom Hanks' emoji use makes it totally worth it.

Justin Bieber

In a perfectly low-key cameo. Can you spot him?

The Excellent Use Of Tinder

Of course, everyone's right-swiping.

These Amazing Random Dancers

I love that they just walk by a random group of people dancing. I do see a little Wes in this scene!

"I'm Pregnant"

Best part, hands down.

Tom Hanks' Choreography

You go, Tom.

Check out the music video below:

Image: CarlyRaeJepsen/Youtube