Just Call Her Professor Amal Clooney

by Kenya Foy

If there's anyone else out there who needs convincing that George Clooney picked the absolute perfect woman to marry, allow me to pose this question: What's taking you so long? I mean, there's a reason (or several, actually) Amal Clooney, a London barrister who specializes in human rights, criminal law, and international law, was named one of Barbara Walter's 10 Most Fascinating People in 2014, and they have a lot less to do with her undeniable beauty and impeccable fashion sense, and more to do with her impressive career as an international human rights attorney. What's even more impressive? While her husband spends the summer on the set of his new movie, Money Monster, Amal Clooney's human rights course at Columbia Law School will keep her pretty busy.Reportedly, Clooney made the move to New York City to be close to her husband while he works. In the meantime, she does have this little thing called human rights to defend, so what better way to focus on her marriage and her career at the same time, right? Being a guest professor at a school like Columbia is a huge honor, and, for Clooney, it just adds to her already lengthy list of professional achievements.

In case you need more proof, let's take a look at six of Clooney's biggest career accomplishments to date:

Representing Enron

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As a part of a Criminal Defense and Investigations Group in New York City, Clooney worked with the energy company that made headlines for its massive corruption and corporate fraud scandal.

Returning the Elgin Marbles

Clooney barely gave herself time to adjust to the sound of her new last name after her wedding to George Clooney before she was back to work on yet another one of her high-profile legal missions: overseeing the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.

Working with the United Nations


In 2013, the UN tapped Clooney to serve as an adviser to UN special envoy on Syria Kofi Annan. She was also tasked with working on the 2013 Drone Inquiry.

Battling Against Sex Crimes Against Children in Conflict Zones


Alongside British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Clooney contributed to a panel that focuses on ending sexual crimes against children in war zones.

Representing the Cambodian Government


Clooney served on a team of legal experts who helped Cambodia resolve a territory dispute with Thailand.

Representing Armenia


In January, Clooney worked as a part of Armenia's legal team in an international case that revolved around a minor Turkish political party leader's alleged denial of the Armenian Genocide.

Image: Getty Images, Giphy