The 'SNL' 'Empire' Parody Was Spot On Perfection, And The Chris Hemsworth Addition Didn't Hurt

In the past, SNL has done some great parodies of television shows, but the parody of Empire on Saturday Night Live was about as good as it gets. Empire has completely taken TV by storm (seriously, if you're not watching it, do yourself a favor and start), so it only makes sense that SNL would tackle the phenomenon. This time, Empire welcomed a new character onto the show, Chip — played by Chris Hemsworth —, and while he didn't steal the parody, he was definitely a welcomed presence, because when can we not use a little more Chris Hemsworth in our lives?

Consider this an official plea that SNL does a weekly Empire sketch, because the cast members that participated in the sketch totally killed it. The sketch included this week's host, Chris Hemsworth, as Chip, the Empire office's newest office manager. The lineup included Keenan Thompson played Lucious, Leslie Jones as Porsha, Sasheer Zamata as Cookie, Jay Pharoah as Jamar, and Michael Che (yes, he who sits behind the Weekend Update desk) as Hakeem (a really, really good Hakeem). And while Hemsworth's presence as the nerdy, often in the way, office manager was great, this sketch could easily have stood on its own as an amazing parody without the power of Thor.

The sketch totally hit the nail on the head when it came to the tense family dynamics, the drama, the fighting, basically all of the things we love about Empire. Chip always seemed to be intervening in the most inconvenient times (can Cookie live, Chip?) asking about expenses or spreadsheets or whatever an office manager would ask about. Chip, you need to pump the breaks my friend. This is Empire, so unbuckle your front strap on your backpack, please.

Catch the Saturday Night Live Empire parody below.

Images: Dana Edelson/NBC