Chris Hemsworth's 'Saturday Night Live' Promo Proves Once & For All Who The Most Attractive Hemsworth Brother Is — VIDEO

All around the country, there is an eternal debate that rages onward. Your answer to one simple question determines whether the people around you high-five you or cast you out of their circle for good. No, I'm not talking about what color The Dress is — although that provided an interesting distraction. The question is, "Which Hemsworth brother do you think is the hottest?" Chris Hemsworth is People magazine's choice for Sexiest Man Alive, but Liam Hemsworth plays Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games films and is actually single. How is one supposed to choose? Chris Hemsworth's Saturday Night Live promo has decided the answer to that question once and for all and, I'm sorry to say this to the Thor fans out there, but Liam is definitely hotter now.

How did this happen? Well, as these SNL promos reveal, Chris has never seen Dirty Dancing. When Kate McKinnon came running toward him to emulate that perfect scene from the film — or, for younger folks, to emulate that perfect scene between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling from Crazy, Stupid, Love. — instead of lifting her up, Chris proceeded to put her in the world's lightest chokehold. No, really. And then it gets worse. Because it also turns out that Chris was made in a laboratory in the future and sent back to the past to... give us nightmares, if this shot is any indication.

And yet somehow worse than that, it turns out that we've been blaming the wrong person for all of this horrific winter weather that has been plaguing our lives. Queen Elsa isn't the one who cursed us with an eternal winter, you guys. I mean, did you even watch the movie? Elsa gets control over her powers at the end of Frozen thanks to her love for her sister. In light of these SNL promos, that only leaves one culprit: Chris Hemsworth. Apparently, he is a weatherman of the supernatural variety who can make it snow whenever he wants to.

Between not knowing how to do the ultra sexy Dirty Dancing lift, to giving me nightmares, to making poor Queen Elsa take the fall for his weather wizardry, Chris Hemsworth has dropped so far down the list of Sexiest Men Alive that we have to give his crown to his brother instead. We just have to. Liam would never do this to us! Just because Chris looks really attractive doing it doesn't mean we should give him a free pass here. We're on to you, Chris Hemsworth.

Check out the hilarious promo below and learn even more alarming things about the older Hemsworth brother.

Image: YouTube (3)