4 Things That Happen At A Taylor Swift Tea Party

by Nicole Pomarico

It happened again, guys: Taylor Swift had another amazing get together and didn't invite any of us. Who did she invite? A few of her famous friends, of course. While the rest of us were obsessing over Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix all weekend, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, and Haim had a hotel tea party, and the pictures Gomez and Goulding shared on Instagram prove that Swift and her girls are the most fun BFFs that anyone could have. I've long been envious of the parties Swift throws, whether they be with her fans or friends, and even though I've yet to receive an invitation to any of Swift's various homes across the country, I can predict exactly what happens when she hosts a gathering — especially a tea party, which seems to be her specialty.

A quick warning: the pictures shared by Gomez and Goulding on Instagram will elicit some serious jealousy, so proceed with your own risk. Not only does it appear that they're having way more fun than most of us did this weekend, they also look more fabulous, too. There was tea, there was wine, there were fuzzy jackets and heels worn by all — combine that with a few major pop stars, and you have basically all the makings of what I think heaven looks like.

And even though I wasn't there, I have a feeling I know exactly what went down. Swift, if you're reading this and I'm completely off base, just let me live in my fantasy world!

They watched cat videos on YouTube

Being that I see no evidence in these photos that Meredith or Olivia were in attendance, I'm guessing Swift got a little homesick for her roommates and turned to adorable cat videos on YouTube. Being that I am the kind of person who watches one video of a cat doing something precious and gets sucked into two hours of random pet footage, I totally understand.

They performed an impromptu cover of "Landslide"

Being that it's the ultimate soulful karaoke song, and this is a group of fantastically talented women, I can't imagine they didn't harmonize at least once during this tea party. Unfortunately, no video will ever exist of their secret covers, and the world will never know.

They probably also made up choreography to go with it, because this is Swift we're talking about.

They figured out the meaning of life

If anyone knows the meaning of life, it's Taylor Swift. Trust me.

They planned out Swift's next big fan surprise

Being that her BFF Karlie Kloss frequently helps Swift shop for and wrap the gifts she sends out en masse to a select few of her fans, I wouldn't be surprised if a little bit of that happened during the tea party. Being that she's already shown up unannounced to a fan's house, sent huge boxes of presents, and invited a fan and her family over for Valentine's Day, whatever happens next is going to be huge. Fingers crossed she involves her friends, because she's pals with the coolest people. Can I be invited this time?

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