When Does ‘The 100’ Season 3 Premiere? We Can't Wait For It To Come Back & Keep Changing TV

Wednesday makes for a great night of TV, especially if you're a fan of Jason Rothenberg's post-apocalyptic drama, The 100. Now that we're at the end of Season 2, that means The 100 's season finale is here and most likely won't disappoint. As we've seen since the series first aired on The CW, it hasn't let us down when it comes to excitement, action, surprises, deaths, gore, and anything else you can think of. It delivers on so many levels. There's no doubt fans are going to miss the show once part two of the finale airs, but at least we have a third season to look forward to. That's right, The 100 was renewed for Season 3!

With that said, when does it return? Well, there isn't an official return date, yet. However, there's a good chance the third season will air in October, when CW fall shows usually return, including the second season of The 100 this past fall. The next question is: how many episodes will Season 3 receive? That's still up in the air as well, but seeing as the first and second seasons had 13 and 16, respectively, it's likely that The 100 will get a similar episode order.

Until we learn more details, let's reflect on what makes The 100 all-around fantastic. I tuned into the first episode because there was nothing else on at the time, and I am so happy I did. This show is badass and can't help but continue to be just that. So, here are 11 reasons showing how it's changing TV — for the better.

Also, if you're not caught up on all of the episodes, I'd refrain from reading any further, because some Season 2 spoilers are ahead. Trust me, you don't want anything ruined.

Women Are Front & Center

The 100 passes the Bechdel test with flying colors. Women are portrayed as intelligent leaders and warriors throughout every episode. The female characters never cease to amaze me, and I applaud the series for showcasing women in such a positive, inspiring, and badass light.

The Men Aren't So Bad Either

Like the women, the male characters are pretty great too. The show wouldn't be the same without them, especially Bellamy, who has all of my heart. There's no doubt that the series finds a nice balance when it comes to the representation of male and female characters.

It's Not Afraid Of Death

Have you ever seen a show that isn't afraid to kill off a major beloved character and doesn't bring him/her back to life or fake his/her death? How about a series that not only threatens to blow up a group of people, but actually does? As heartbreaking as these events are, I admire these risks, because it builds anticipation and keeps you hooked.

Action Is Its Middle Name

You can't go wrong with some badass action sequences and, of course, some gore here and there. The 100 knows how to deliver a good battle scene, and I can't get enough of it.

The Characters Evolve

If you think back to the very first episode, no character is the same. From Clarke and Bellamy's relationship to Jasper's transformation into a badass fighter to Ocatvia becoming a not-to-be-messed-with warrior, you know you're going to get character development and it's refreshing.

It Never Sits Still

Growth. Growth. Growth. Did I say growth? The storylines, the characters, the action sequences, the relationships, among many other elements, are never at a standstill. The show, as a whole, is constantly moving. You know every episode is going to deliver. I'm never bored.

The Relationships Are On Point

Whether it be familial relationships, friendships, or actual romances, The 100 shines a light on all types of relationships. For example, look at Bellamy and Octavia's love for one another as siblings, or take the episode where Lexa and Clarke kissed. Rothenberg revealed on Twitter that Clarke is bi-sexual, and that the show also has both gay and straight characters. The 100 shows many different relationships, all of which make the post-apocalyptic series more relatable.

Heroes & Villains Aren't Clear Cut

The 100 constantly has viewers questioning who is the villain and who is the hero. Guess what? The characters are always asking themselves those very same questions. That just goes to show you that the show has depth and complexity, aka two things I love to wrap my head around.

Its Showrunner Is A Dedicated Live Tweeter

I know, I know. Lots of people live tweet shows, but Rothenberg is extremely dedicated. He live tweets every episode and for each feed (east coast and west coast). It's no secret that I usually follow along with live tweets, but Rothenberg's account is the first one I have open and ready for when each episode begins, so I can keep track of his thoughts, opinions, and behind-the-scenes scoop. It also goes to show you how much he loves his show and its fans. That's something to be admired, right?

The Adults Serve A Purpose

Have you ever noticed how many of the adults on shows with younger main characters are pretty much nonexistent? Seriously, where do they go? Well, The 100 actually utilizes the adults — and in a good way. We get to see adults butting heads with one another and with their children, which presents an interesting dynamic and even juicier storylines.

It Delivers In A Short Amount Of Episodes

Don't get me wrong, I would love to have more episodes of The 100, but I don't know if it needs a 20-episode order. Unlike other series, it delivers so much in a short amount of time. You know you have a hit on your hands when a series can do that flawlessly.

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