Is 'Atlanta' Housewife Kandi Close to Phaedra?

by Kayla Hawkins

Phaedra and Kandi have always been super-duper tight among The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and this is the first crack in the armor of their friendship, but Kandi has been preoccupied with handling her marriage. But Phaedra and Kandi are still friends, albeit ones who seem to be going through something of a change. But you don't have to support a friend's every decision to ultimately love them. Kandi thinks Phaedra isn't being totally fair to Apollo, but she's not going to jump on the bandwagon of bashing Phaedra while she's down. Besides, Kandi's busy with her own issues, as we saw.

Kandi didn't want to participate in the cast-wide therapy because she's in her own marital therapy with the same doctor who helped counsel Porsha and Kordell communicate better... which did ultimately lead to them getting divorced. But Kandi and Todd's problems aren't quite the same situation. They need to get the intimacy back in their relationship, but as we know, they're still together.

Another part of this situation, is that Apollo supposedly came by Kandi and Todd's house before the dinner and showed them the same files he showed on the show when he met up with Peter, which proves... I guess that Kandi should have gossiped about it?

Kandi refuses to even participate in this. She shut it down, saying that she's tired of "being in the middle of these two groups," and reconfirmed that Phaedra is her closest friend out of all of these ladies, and won't let that be cheated or destroyed by gossip. Bam! That's right.

Kandi has experienced almost constant disappointment so far this season. She's watched as her marriage has started to get complicated, had to cancel her tour of A Mother's Love because of bad management, and every Bedroom Kandi party she's thrown has become an opportunity for the other women to scream and argue with one another.

But one thing has improved — her relationship with Mama Joyce. Mama even said she loves Kandi more than she loves herself, which as we all know must mean a lot. But even though we didn't see Phaedra and Kandi sit down and talk through everything

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