Now We Know Why Maleficent Is So Mad On 'OUAT'

by Christine DiStasio

The Queens of Darkness are bringing out that deepest, darkest secrets of Storybrooke. On Sunday night's episode of Once Upon a Time , "Unforgiven," Maleficent returned to the series. And she brought something truly dark and incredibly sad with her — the truth about the secret Snow and Charming have been keeping from Emma. Sometime back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow caused Maleficent to lose her baby and she confessed her secret to Regina. Because who better to understand your worst behavior than the original Evil Queen?

We've been waiting for Maleficent to show her face since OUAT went on its midseason break and now we finally can see where this happy endings storyline is going. It seemed kind of random for the Queens of Darkness to turn up in Storybrooke to destroy everyone's happy endings, but it all makes sense now. In the final moments of Sunday's episode, Maleficent revealed that her talisman is actually a piece of a baby's rattle while her eyes filled with tears as Snow confessed through her own tears to Regina. Snow and Charming destroyed Maleficent's chance at having a family and now we have so many questions.

First of all, how did they do it? At first I thought it had to do with the curse, but it definitely seems more personal than that. And, considering they're supposed to be heroes, that's kind of disappointing. There's also the question of whether or not whatever the Charmings did will ultimately effect Emma being good or evil — sure, Snow and David put in the effort to keep her "good," but that might not last. Especially if what they've done is as evil as it sounds. And there's one more question to ponder: Who's the father of Maleficent's baby? Could it be another situation where Rumple bridges the gaps between storylines — he's essentially always had a hand in whatever OUAT arc is happening at the time.

Snow's confession, while enlightening, didn't really tell us everything we needed to know about where OUAT is going with this. But it's obvious that Regina isn't the only villain out there with a truly sad story to tell and I can't honestly say I think the heroes all deserve their happy endings on OUAT right now.

Image: ABC (screengrab)