6 Questions 'Once Upon A Time' Midseason Premiere Left Us With — What's Inside The Sorcerer's Hat?

Once Upon a Time fans are excited to have their Sunday nights filled with magic again. I certainly am! Sunday night during the midseason premiere, we picked up right where we left off (and the characters picked up the pieces of their shattered lives). Belle is still upset with Rumple's lies, Regina still misses Robin Hood and Hook is still struggling with his dark side. But even with all that, with the Snow Queen vanquished, for once there is some normalcy in Storybrooke (well, as normal as a hidden magical town can get). But who really likes normal anyway?

Cue the villains ready to stir up some trouble (and an evil curse). A lot of things went down this past episode (including a massive demon on the loose) but it seems the big focus this season is between darkness and light. This demon, or Chernabog, as creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis put it, was after the person with the potential for darkest heart. While everyone assumed that meant Regina Mills (formerly known as the Evil Queen) Rumple later revealed it was actually after Emma Swan. (Um, what?!) As the show ended, even more questions were raised when Snow White and Prince Charming met up with 2/3 Queens of Darkness, Cruella and Ursula. Apparently there is more to these two heroes than they led on, including some dark secrets. With so much going on, there are so many questions left unanswered. Can a villain really live happily ever after and does a hero always do what's right?

What's On The Snow Queen's Scroll?

Apparently that scroll allows people to cross (and see) the Storybrooke line, so my question is, what does the trick? And why the heck didn't Regina give it to Robin Hood before he left?

What's Inside The Sorcerer's Hat?

When the fairies were released, everyone looked pretty shaken, including Regina. What dark mystery lies at the bottom of the hat and what affect did it have on Regina?

Is Fantasia Coming To OUAT?

It certainly seems that way. Regardless of the Sorcerer's Hat being the first obvious clue las season, the Chernabog that tried to attack Emma comes from none other than the 1940 Disney animated film Fantasia.

Who Is The Author of The Book?

Last night, the Blue Fairy made it perfectly clear to Regina that the author of the book and the sorcerer completely different people. Well, that makes things a bit more complicated. How interesting would it be to bring Walt Disney himself into the picture?

What Is The Evil Curse?

I'm only assuming that what Rumple stole back in the Enchanted Forest is the curse, but what exactly does it do? And why didn't he use it sooner? Has Rumple known all along that Emma's heart was the key to his happiness?

What Are The Villains Happy Endings?

It was very discrete in last night's episode, but what exactly do the villains want? And how does this affect the rest of Storybrooke? Do they want power and wealth, or is it something in particular?

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