Will Scarlet's Got A New 'OUAT' Romance

by Christine DiStasio

Ask and you shall receive, I suppose. Rumplestiltskin was constantly trying to push Belle away from him and force her to see the evil, even when she believed the best in him and, on Sunday, she finally did. How long could he really expect her to wait around for his evil plan to end? Belle and Will Scarlet are together on Once Upon a Time and it's essentially a pairing that we never saw coming — unless you count Will shacking up in the library as a foreshadowing of this 'ship. But, unfortunately, the most thing in Storybrooke is whether or not this means that Rumbelle is over for good?

It sure seems like it might be — it's been a long time since they've been together, Belle didn't seem too pleased with her husband when Cruella and Ursula paid Rumple's shop a visit, and she really seemed to be into that kiss. In her defense, it's been a long, hard road for Belle and the Rumbelle 'ship. Every time Rumple has fallen off the wagon, Belle's stood by him and dragged him through mud to get him back to being the man he can be. But everything about Rumple's behavior since OUAT Season 4 premiered has been just plain awful — he deceived her and lied straight to her face. Even the toughest romances that have been through the darkness and back can't survive some things. And Belle seems to have finally decided that enough is a enough.

I mean, Rumple disappeared on a selfish, evil errand — what did he expect? Belle deserves to be happy, she deserves a 'ship that we can root for even if she and Rumple were once really great together. So, what's the deal with this Will Scarlet situation and is he just a rebound? Unless Belle can forget all of the drama, I'm hoping this new 'ship is for real — because going back to Rumbelle after everything that's happened and will happen when Rumple finally loses control of the Queens of Darkness will just be the worst. He doesn't deserve that — she doesn't deserve that — so hopefully Belle and Will will grow on us.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC