Why Kourtney Is The True Kardashian Fashionista

Whether you like it or not, the Kardashians have become a household name in the fashion and entertainment industries. From their Kardashian Kollection at Sears to their constant presence in the tabloids to Kim's appearances during fashion week, they've really covered their bases.

However, I find that Kourtney tends to get out-shined by her younger sisters in this area — you don't see her on the cover of magazines or on best dressed (or worst dressed for that matter) lists nearly as often as Khloe and Kim. If you ask me, this is rather frustrating. I've always admired Kourtney's style more than her other sisters. She's been able to cultivate a sense of dress that is completely her own and not based on the opinion of Kanye West. I mean, does anyone actually like the way that Kim dresses now? Or are we just intrigued by how "revelatory" her ensembles are?

Kourtney's also the brains behind the Kardashian brand, as she conceptualized its mission and arguably does the most work for the famous sisters' DASH boutiques. In fact, she even started her own clothing line after she graduated from the University of Arizona. This is just one of the many reasons that I believe Kourtney reigns supreme in the Kardashian fashion department. If you're not yet convinced, here are 12 more exemplary moments:

1. She Incorporates Style Into Her Everyday Life

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As a mom of three (with no nanny in sight, I might add), Kourtney is always on the go. Her mommy duties haven't stopped her from being fashion forward, though, as she brings chicness to her casual outfits. Not only that, but she always dresses for the occasion — she isn't caught wearing five inch stilettos or couture gowns when she's at the park or out to lunch.

2. She Isn't Afraid To Stand Out

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While her sisters often stick to the trends, Kourtney isn't one to fall for this season's handbag or hot color — she goes with what she likes. She's described her personal style as being boho-chic, which is evident throughout her wardrobe choices. Seeing past fast fashion and wearing what you like instead takes a lot more courage than you would think (especially when you're in a public position).

3. She Has Great Taste

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Kourtney has a natural eye for style. I'm always impressed with her ability to transform seemingly casual outfits into works of art. This is the definition of chic and with her trying-but-not-trying-too-hard attitude, she's definitely embodying effortlessness in every look that she wears. Clearly, she knows how to find good clothes.

4. She's Not Afraid To Take A Fashion Risk

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This woman is not afraid to take a risk! Fashion is all about experimenting — if you're not going to to go big, you might as well go home. Kourtney is willing to push the limits of acceptability, because why fit in when you can stand out (yes, I'm quoting an Amanda Bynes movie)?

5. She Loves Going Natural

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This is one Kardashian (and probably the only Kardashian!) who embraces her natural beauty! She doesn't cake on pounds of makeup every time she leaves her house or refuse to go out in public unless she looks like she just came from a photo shoot. Beauty comes from within and Kourtney doesn't prioritize her hair and makeup over her values.

6. She Reminds Us That Motherhood Is Hot

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Kourtney is one hot mama! She's toned down her look since having kids, but that hasn't stopped her from staying true to herself in everything she wears. Whether Kourtney is at the pumpkin patch or going to a children's museum, she always puts her best foot forward, without looking like a glamazon.

7. She's Gorgeous

Some have called her the prettiest Kardashian and I have to agree — Kourtney is beautiful! Don't get me wrong, I think Khloe and Kim are stunning, too, but they seem to be a lot more dependent on products to achieve their looks (not that there's anything wrong with that; I just prefer a more natural look). Kourtney doesn't buy into the pressures to always look flawless and it's her flaws that actually make her that much more gorgeous.

8. She Doesn't Buy Into The Hype

You'll rarely catch Kourtney addressing ridiculous rumors or trying to please her critics — she couldn't care less. Her attitude is fearless and refreshing, as many members of her famous family have been known to get caught up in what other people think of them. Kourtney doesn't bother trying to keep up — she does things her own way.

9. She Knows Fashion Is About Having Fun

So many people take fashion way too seriously (Kim, I'm looking at you) when it's supposed to be about having fun! I'm always sad to hear when people think being stylish means giving up comfort or their own sense of self, when it's actually about incorporating your personality into what you wear. You'll never see her crying over a lost diamond earring or spending hours analyzing her appearance before a talk show appearance, because she goes with the fashion flow.

10. She Makes Pregnancy Look Easy

Adored for her pregnancy style, Kourtney knows how to rock a baby bump! While many expecting mothers loathe the idea of dressing while they're with child, Kardashian embraces her changing body. During her most recent pregnancy in 2014, she did an artistic nude photo shoot with Dujour magazine that showed off her amazing pregnancy beauty, where she was quoted saying, "I’m not embarrassed of my body. I’m at my best when I’m pregnant. It’s such an amazing feeling, the transformation that your body goes through. There’s something about that that’s so empowering and beautiful and I just really embrace it."

11. She Really Doesn't Care

One of my favorite things about Kourtney is that she doesn't seem to care what other people think of her. She's not trying to impress you, so if you don't like the way she works it, it really doesn't matter because she's probably not listening. She rocks comfortable leggings, cute sportswear and even affordable overalls when she's out and about, which is very refreshing, considering the amount of glam that her family goes through before even just going to the airport.

12. She Knows She's Awesome

Kourtney has the "confidence of a queen" and it shows! She doesn't waste time being insecure, because she knows how special she is. In the age of Photoshop and Instagram filters, it's refreshing to see a celebrity who is constantly being criticized shaking off the haters. Always having confidence and owning our style is a lesson we could all take out of Kourtney's book!

Have I convinced you of Kourtney's iconic fashion status yet? Even if she's still not the Kardashian style star in your eyes, it goes without saying that she is pretty amazing, regardless.

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