Kim K's Paris Fashion Week Outfit Is Interesting

by Madison Alcedo

With two more days of Paris Fashion Week left, our views of some pretty awesome designer outfits are limited. Which is why all eyes are on the celebrity attendees, Kim Kardashian being at the top of that list. But when she stepped out for a shopping trip today, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the pinstripe suit, sweater, and leather combo. It was clear: this Kim Kardashian Paris Fashion Week outfit was interesting. And even though we applaud her fashion-forward efforts, when you're Kim K. and feel like trying a risky outfit, there is obviously going to be some turned heads and repercussions.

I'm all about Kim's all-black outfits, so this ensemble doesn't surprise me too much, especially after looking at it some more. She has all the components of a typical Kim outfit: cleavage, tight-fitting garments, short skirts, outrageous shoes — you get the picture. But it does remind me of a cross between Britney Spear's school girl outfit in her "Baby One More Time" music video and something leather that Madonna would wear. But other celebrities have worn pinstripes in the past and it worked for them. So I think we can back off Kim just a little bit for attempting the timeless trend.

In an interview with People , Kim did say she got her new look inspiration from Madonna: "I've always had this image of Madonna with platinum hair in my references folder on my computer and I've been waiting a long time to try the look," she told People Saturday. "I thought what better time than right now for Paris Fashion Week."

I think if she wore this outfit again with her darker hair, it would actually blend in more. But I think we can all admit Kim's style has changed since she married Kanye, so maybe this was his idea? Maybe we should all just blame it on Kanye.

It's Paris Fashion Week, she has a designer for a husband, why not try something different? Maybe it's just her new 'do that makes it stand out more?

Here's Zosia Mamet attempting a pinstripe look. Pretty cute, yet unexpected, no?

And here's Ciara stylishly using the pinstripe suit to hide her pregnancy.

Sometimes when you're all out of feminine styles, you look to a masculine pinstripe pantsuit because, why not? We're 100% on board with this trend, Kim K.!

Image: Getty Images (2); KimKardashian/Instagram