Lauren Conrad Wasn't Only 'Hills' Star to Get Engaged This Weekend

Seriously, did the entire cast of MTV's The Hills get together last week and collectively conclude that the weekend of Oct. 12 would be the weekend they'd make all of their personal announcements? It sure seems like that. First, Kristen Cavallari revealed she's trying to get pregnant, then Justin Wahler got married, then, Lauren Conrad got engaged, and now Holly Montag has announced she's engaged, as well. All that's missing is an announcement that Justin Bobby and Spencer Pratt have started a crystal company together in the California desert.

Holly's news came via Heidi Montag, naturally. The plastic-surgery obsessed 27-year-old tweeted: "A HUGE congratulations to my amazing loving sister on her engagement to Richie! Answered prayers! love u so much & am so ecstatic for u!"

Aww. Montag family love warms our dead and dying hearts.

Holly's engaged to boyfriend Richie, who believe it or not, has not been seen on reality TV. Evidently, her relationship with boyfriend Justin Bobby (remember when they were an item??) didn't last. Those two were reportedly seeing each other back in the fall of 2011 and shockingly, they didn't last.

As far as that Kristen baby news is concerned, she revealed on Friday that she and NFL quarterback husband Jay Cutler are "doing all the necessary things to get pregnant." Cavallari gave birth to son Camden 14 months ago and is clearly ready for round two.

It feels like the only Hills cast member who didn't share news in the last few days is Audrina Patridge, but she did reveal that she took a walk in Chicago, so there's that.