'American Sniper' Tops 'Mockingjay' At The Box Office, But How Many Non-Franchise Films Have Done The Same Since 1975?

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In 1975, the business and experience of cinema were turned on their heads by what we now identify as the very first big screen blockbuster: Jaws. Topping the annual box office and spawning a collection of follow-up films, Jaws was in so many ways a precursor to the movie world of the present.

Nowadays, it's an anomaly when a movie free of franchise implications can win a year's box office. Such a phenomenon occurred in the form of the true story of Iraq War solider and sniper Chris Kyle: American Sniper recently became the highest grossing film released in 2014.

Going back through the past 40 years (since Steven Spielberg's benchmark shark attack picture), how many other non-franchise top grossers can we find?

Image: Warner Bros.

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