How Did Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Become BFFs?

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are quite the popular friendship pair. They are both Grammy-nominated artists. They have legions of extremely loyal fans. They both make songs that get stuck in my head for years. And on top of all that Sheeran and Swift managed to make it through the romance rumors to truly be just friends. That said, I wonder how they became friends in the first place. How did Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran meet?

Every time these two are talking about each other in interviews, their friendship seems so precious, so I was hoping the story of their introduction would be a cute one about them knitting blankets, rescuing kittens, or jumping on a trampoline. That may sound pretty ludicrous, but everything about their interaction is so cutesy that I just expected the start of it to be equally endearing. But weirdly, that's not the case.

It's actually a pretty boring story. If you can even call it a "story." According to Buzzfeed, Swift and Sheeran met a little over two years ago through mutual music industry connections. Swift reached out to Sheeran after one of her managers saw him performing at a gig in Nashville. After that, Sheeran's manager actually introduced the now-BFFs. In 2013, Sheeran went on tour with Swift and that's where the friendship blossomed into what we see all over social media today.

Was Sheeran pumped to meet Swift? Well, not exactly. The ginger admitted in an interview with SB.TV, "I expected her to be one of these artists who is allowed to have a douche bag pass but she was the loveliest person I've met." I, for one, am happy that he gave Swift a chance to prove herself in person.

In line with the cuteness that epitomizes their friendship, Sheeran explained that they hit it off right away and that they really are best friends because he has the trust and approval of her beloved cat Meredith Grey: "We get along. She won't hang out with the dancers — but she'll come and hang out with me." If that's not the most adorable sign of purrrfect friendship, I don't know what is.

Swift once even made Sheeran a needlepoint craft with a Drake quote stitched into it. Which gem did she choose? "Started from the bottom, now we here," of course. The needlepoint also includes a knitted cartoon of the BFFs accompanied by speech bubbles full of cats, Legos, and music notes. Taking the time to stitch a needlepoint for a friend is a major deal. That's how you know it's real.

Swift and Sheeran seem to have the perfect friendship. I wish I had a friend that I could rely on to play with cats, write songs, and brag about me on Instagram. This shows us all that we should be more open to making friends through work — even though most of us are not international pop stars for a living.