13 Celebrities Who Have More Tattoos Than You Thought, From Selena Gomez To Lauren Conrad

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In my eyes, getting a tattoo is a pretty serious decision. It's a big deal to get something inked on your body. They are (usually) permanent markings, so it's ideal for a tattoo to have a significant meaning to its barer. This is why a lot of celebs show off their tattoos as badges of honor and get them in prominent locations on their bodies. On the other hand, there are some stars who prefer to have more intimate, secretive tattoos.

It's no surprise that some actors might prefer tattoos that can be easily covered up to play certain roles and, similarly, some models have small tattoos that can be hidden with makeup during photo shoots. A small, subtle tattoo is one thing, but there are some stars who have a bunch of tattoos that you probably never noticed. Who? Click through to find out!

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