Ariana Grande Falls During Concert & Reacts Way Better Than The Rest Of The Human Population Would — VIDEO

Nothing will keep her down. During a stop on her Honeymoon Tour at Toronto's Air Canada Centre on Sunday, March 8, Ariana Grande fell on stage. However, Grande recovered flawlessly and kept on singing and dancing like the true performer that she is. Here's how it went down: while belting out "Bang Bang," the singer was strutting her stuff and then, bam, she tripped and fell. Rather than freaking out over it, Grande acted like nothing happened and continued singing the hit song. She even got up and busted out dance moves. Yep, she's amazing.

Now that Grande's fall is all over the Internet, some are probably going to make a comparison to that time Madonna fell at the BRIT Awards. If you watch both accidental falls, you can see that Grande and Madonna were not going to let a little blunder get in the way of their job. I don't know how they did it, but, knowing me, I probably would have been embarrassed, covered my blushing face, and possibly even sat there and cried. I give them a round of applause. But, hey, everyone should pick themselves up and keep on going, right?

It seems that Grande even responded to her fall on Twitter, as she tweeted: "thank u toronto!!!! tonight was such a fun show lol. y'all made me feel so much better! i love you & thank you so much."

See? A class act.

She might have pulled a Madonna, but there's no doubt Grande proved she's a true performer by the way she handled it.