20 Beer Recipes That Put Your Leftover St. Patrick's Day (or Anytime) Brews To Good Use

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St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, and chances are you're looking for ways to use up leftover beer that you have hanging around from all the festivities. I mean, come on. If you've ever hosted a party, you know it's always better to overstock. It's usually safe to assume that your guests will eat and drink more than you think, and over-buying just a little bit ensures that you won't have to stress about supplies running out. When you're prepared, you can relax, enjoy the festivities, and don't have to deal with any dreaded rationing that will stress your guests out just as much as you. Plus, you'll have snacks and drinks on deck for the next few weeks — whether you're entertaining again or flying solo.

On St. Patrick's Day, it is tradition for many to summon their inner Irish by wearing green and drinking... responsibly. If you were hosting this year's shenanigans, you likely ended up with some leftover brewskies — and here are 20 recipes to turn those leftovers into some super tasty dishes.

Image: Back to Her Roots

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