The Definitive Ranking of Apple Watch Straps

by Lauren Holter

There's one thing to look forward to in April besides the spring weather — super-high-tech wrist accessories. Monday's Apple Spring Forward event highlighted the new Apple Watch, which will be available from April 24. Just as important as the watch's various apps is the statement it's bound to make; the type of Apple Watch and band you pick, if you do, are crucial.

Apple devotees have been waiting on the edge of their seats for the watches to debut since Apple announced them all the way back in September. The Apple Watch acts not just as a clock, but as a phone, personal trainer, and wallet. The Apple Watch Sport will start at $350, but the prices shoot all the way up to $10,000 for the limited edition 18-karat gold Apple Watch Editions. Woah.

Monday's event for the all-in-one gadget that's essentially a mini computer for your wrist showcased the signature features of the watch, including the digital crown that controls navigation and zoom and the Taptic Engine that lightly taps you on the wrist when you have a notification. More importantly for the fashion-minded, however, are the different styles of straps. With six different types, there's a band for every occasion — but here's a definitive ranking of the Apple Watch straps.

1. Classic Buckle

The Apple Watch classic buckle is perfect for everyday wear. It's exactly what the name implies: classic. It comes in black, navy, brown, and soft pink — all neutrals that will transition well from outfit to outfit.

2. Modern Buckle

The modern buckle comes in second, purely because it's impractical. Fancier than the classic buckle band, it's only for the Apple Watch Editions, which will set you back a whopping $10,000. If you're going to drop that much on the watch, you should opt for the modern buckle to make it as elegant as possible.

3. Sport

The sport band, available in white, black, and bright colors, is sporty-chic. It could easily transition from the gym to work and still look put together.

4. Leather Loop

The leather loop strap still has the benefit of being leather, but the bumpy surface isn't all that appealing.

5. Link Bracelet

The link bracelet makes the super high-tech gadget look like an ordinary dad watch. Maybe don't place the newest tech watch on an outdated band.

6. Milanese Loop

The milanese loop band comes in last place because it resembles like a middle-school boy's watch strap. Sure, a magnetic band may come in handy, but self-respecting adults might want to buy a real strap for their grown-up watch.

Images: Apple (4)