Brian Johnson Beats Joshua Davis in 'The Voice' Battle Rounds But They Both Deserved to Make It Through

I live for The Voice Battle Rounds. They're filled with so much power, talent, and relentless competition. But the best part of the Battle Rounds is when two artists come together to produce a beautiful duet, rather than an intense sing-off. The first pair of Season 8 to manage this special kind of battle was Joshua Davis and Brian Johnson. The Team Blake duo performed an emotional, stripped-down rendition of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" and made the coaches — and even their adviser — really feel the words they were singing.

Rehearsals can often be pretty rough, but not for Davis & Johnson. The two learned to work well together pretty early on which gave them plenty of time to really get into and perfect their performance. Their rehearsals were so good, in fact, that they actually made their adviser, pop-newbie turned superstar Meghan Trainor, cry mid-performance.

And their performance didn't disappoint. Davis & Johnson impressed the coaches so much that it was really difficult for coach Blake to choose a winner. Johnson was named the winner but ultimately it was a toss up for me. His vocals were amazing, but Davis really impressed me on the big notes. If I had been the coach to make the decision I would have probably gone with Davis. Thankfully for Johnson, I wasn't the coach. But at least Davis was able to impress Adam Levine, because the coach stole him as soon as he got the opportunity.

Both contestants certainly deserve to be here. They both have strong voices, can obviously deliver moving performances, and have had quite the journey to The Voice stage. Their determination is undeniable and they both are extremely driven to win the title. It would be great to see either one win the show since because they would bring a refreshing change to the music industry.

Image: YouTube/The Voice