Brian Used Music As An Escape From Bullies

The Voice Blind Auditions were MADE for Brian Johnson. Let's face it, the 24-year-old doesn't fit the mold of a typical musician and he knows that — that's why The Voice is the perfect show for him. Despite being bullied growing up and facing a challenging family life, Johnson was able to get on stage with extreme confidence knowing the coaches were judging him based on his voice and not his appearance. And he totally blew them all away. Adam Levine was immediately impressed — he hit his button less than a second after Johnson opened his mouth,— but ultimately it was Blake Shelton who won over the talented singer.

Johnson has one of the smoothest and most technically perfect voices I have heard this season. His rendition of "Reason to Believe" literally brought tears to my eyes — WHY do these shows make me so emotional?! But it's Johnson's story of how he got into music that makes him so likable. The Ohio native was bullied for his weight as a kid. When he got to college he joined a band and got really into music because it was what he loved and where he felt at home. It also helped that music is where the "cool kids" are in college. He put his pursuit of a music career aside after college when his father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Now that his father is doing better, Johnson is hoping to live his dream.

His determination really impresses me. Lots of kids get into music as an escape from something — even I felt most at home on a stage when I was growing up. Johnson's love of music has continued on for so long and gotten him through the toughest points of his life — bullying, his father's diagnosis, and his parent's separation. His talent and story are extremely necessary in today's music industry. Johnson could serve as an inspiration and role model to so many young artists that are battling tough times. The Voice is truly made for Johnson — and it's time for a contestant as talented and inspiring as him to win the title.

Image: YouTube/The Voice